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The Power of Jupiter

Jupiter by nature, is the most wonderful and expansive planet giving to the human race their most bountiful qualities. It is the most pious of planets, known as guru or teacher. A strong Jupiter will be found in the horoscopes of wealthy and influential persons. Jupiter signifies good luck and good fortune and indicates long distance travel. We understand the good karma earned in the previous lives by the placement of Jupiter.

Jupiter is also the ruler of religion and religious devotions and thus comes the name, Guru. He is the controller of all other planets, the revered spiritual master of the demigods. Philosophy and spirituality are under the auspices of Jupiter, as are financial affairs and wealth. Jupiter is also the indicator of children in the chart and in a woman’s horoscope, it is the indicator of what kind of a husband she will attain in the present life and what their relationship will be like. A strong Jupiter indicates one whose opinions are valued by many; therefore teachers fall in this category. Jupiter is noble, dignified, optimistic, of good humor and the giver of the fruits of labor.

Jupiter is the ruler of the Zodiacal signs Sagittarius and Pisces, is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. He gives especially beneficial effects positioned in the birth stars of Uttara Phalguni, Uttarashadha, Punarvasu, Purva bhadrapad and Vishaka. Jupiter has friendly relationships with the Sun, Moon and Mars. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are neutral to him; but Mercury and Venus are his enemies.

A strong or well-placed Jupiter can indicate many things, all of them positive, giving happiness. Subjects will be of an optimistic frame of mind, have dignity and a good sense of humor. It can make a person famous and gives many good qualities, such as honesty, compassion towards others and wisdom. Although a powerful Jupiter may give much wealth or influence, more importantly it makes for a happy and satisfied life.

Those with a well-placed Jupiter in their chart are generally religious, philosophical and try to live a fairly pious life. They will engage in spiritual meditation and inquire as to the true purpose of human life in this world. This is the greatest boon. To attempt to uncover the true “self” or to become “self-realized” is the ultimate goal of life. The Vedas consider that the person who tries to solve the problem of repeated births and deaths in the material world, transmigrating through 8,400,000 species of life, is having the most developed intelligence and is greatly fortunate. The Vedic philosophy of karma is that a soul gets the reactions to his past actions, so a well-placed Jupiter indicates one who has been of a pious nature in previous lives. “As one sows, so he shall reap”; this is the immutable law of action and reaction.

A well-placed Jupiter gives compassion, benevolence, charity, morality, wisdom and truthfulness. Anyone with great ambition is influenced by Jupiter, as are priests, monks and spiritual teachers. He rules those in political and legal professions and those who have control over their external senses. Physically Jupiter rules the blood circulation in our arteries, the liver, thighs and “fat” in the body.

When Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, subjects may suffer from lack of happiness and enthusiasm. They will be weak-willed, have lack of faith both spiritually and in the good things and attributes of life. Life may seem meaningless and without any source of pleasure. A week Jupiter will cause pessimism and depression, anxiety and self-pity. Ill-aspected Jupiter makes for lack of compassion and congeniality for other people. It will also give rise to material, as well as financial difficulties. The person may be devoid of any creative abilities and in the case of a woman, may be unable to bear children and lack a good husband to properly care for her.

Physically, there may be a weak immune system and generally poor vitality. The body weight may be too low and the liver and pancreas may not function properly. It can give rise to problems like arthritis or jaundice and diseases of the respiratory system. An appearance of general physical debility is common when Jupiter is badly afflicted.


Jupiter is the son of Chitra Devi and Saint Angirasa – a favorite son of Lord Brahma.

Jupiter performed difficult penances for Lord Shiva for a period of 10,000 years. This pleased Lord Shiva so much that he declared him to be guru of the gods. Jupiter is therefore known as Lord of Worship and Guru

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