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Health Pyramids

Here is an absolutely unique method – FaMaa color therapy. This new system of PyraColors are developed from integral effect of color, Pyramid Yantra, visualization and deep rhythmic breathing for health and wellness.

Health 9×9(set of 7) (set of 7)

Code: #7020

lg_healthpyramidAccording to Prof. Dr. Bhatt, 3 Fa colors are Red, Orange and Yellow and Maa colors are Green, Blue and Violet. He has developed 6 Health Pyra color plates and a supporting plate with white color. This is Health 9×9 and  it is used as a  pair for health and healing.
Normally you use single white plate. But appropriate color plate at the required location and one white plate in the opposite side can give better results.



Health 9×9 -Red (RED)

Code: #7021

lg_Health9x9_redRED – Hot color, color with the greatest penetration, strongly stimulates flow of blood.
Indication: Poor circulation, inflammation, chronic cough, asthma, anemia, eczema.



Health 9×9- Orange (ORANGE)

Code: #7022

lg_Health9x9_orangeGives energy, makes joyful, color of the sun.
Indication: Pessimism, psychosis, depression, fear, emaciation, tiredness.




Health 9×9 – Yellow (YELLOW)

Code: #7023

lg_Health9x9_yellowFortifies the endocrine system, makes chronic processes acute.
Indication: Diseases of digestive tract, strengthens the nervous system.




Health 9×9- Green (GREEN)

Code: #7024

lg_Health9x9_greenNeutral color, treats chronic problems, sedative, soothing, relaxing.
Indication: Whooping cough, inflammation of the joints, tumors, ulcer, eye diseases, diabetes.



Health 9×9- Blue (BLUE)

Code: #7025

lg_Health9x9_BlueCold color, has a relaxing effect, valuable in treatment of all diseases involving heat.
Indication: Pain, congestion, hemorrhoids, warts, sleeplessness, frigidity, menopausal difficulties.


Health 9×9 – Violet (VIOLET)

Code: #7026

Acts on consciousness, promotes awareness, prepares for meditation.
Indications: Lymphatic system disorders.



Power-Roll (For total body relaxation and comfort)

Code: #7030






PowerMat – Twister (Twist off weight!)

Code: #1010

lg_SlimXSlim X, the most advance way to twist excess fat from Belly, Thighs &  Hips. Slim X with Pyramid power useful for Weight reduction, Figure tone up, Flatten tummy & Thighs. Also spine fitness & height booster. Contains 2500 Pyramid grids, 2 Yantra magnets, 2500 Acutips.

Stress Pad (Relax while you work)

Code: #1009

lg_StressPaddIt’s extremely easy to use. No extra time needed, just relax while you work. A time tested Foot Relaxer. Must for Office Executives, Computer Professionals & Students, while watching TV and old age peoples.Strees Pad with the power of 6500 Pyramids & 12 Super Magnets with 2 Support Stands gives better results.

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