Soham Vastu

Latest & New Pyramids

FMG – FlatMax Gold (GOLD)

Code: #7119

fmg(1)FlatMax with 9 times more Gold Power. Must for vastu corrections.





Max 500 (500)

Code: #7031

max500(1)5 times more powerful than Max, with special Gold pyramid in the center.





Max – Baisc (BASIC)

Code: #7033

max-basic(1)This is the economic version on Max, without the bottom copper plates.





ProMax – Special (SPECIAL)

Code: #New

promax_special(1)ProMax with special ‘Aroma’ charged and inbuilt big Gold pyramid in the center for good results. Also comes with a Centron booster plate for extra power.




ProMax (3G) GOLD (3G- Gold)

Code: #New 1

3 times more powerful promax_3g(4)than ProMax. Give you fast and accurate result.





ProMax – Copper (ProMax – Copper)

Code: #New 2


An economic version of super-hit ProMax, with only 8 layers.






Pyra Mattress (Mattress)

Code: #New 3

pyar_mattressHelps us cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Promotes sound sleep.





Flat Max – Copper (Copper)

Code: #New 4

flat-max(4)FlatMax with 9 copper pyramids, more affordable than Flat Max.





Mini Max (Mini Max)

Code: #New 5

mini-max(1)Less power than Max, but fits into less space due to mini size.






Multier – AutoMatic (Multier – AutoMatic)

Code: #New 6

multier(1)No need to fix bottom chips with glue, fits automatic on pressing.





Fortune Door (Fortune Door)

Code: #New 7

fortune_door(1)A simple and effective Pyramid Yantra that is a must in your house, office or work place SECRET FEATURES Power of 9×9 Pyramids in the center and 9 small pyramids in the Bemor plates each. Enriched with 2 Gold pyramids and 12 color crystal. Supported by 8 Radiating discs and 3 Gold plates in the bottom. MYSTIC BENEFITS w Fortune Door is the latest invention in PyraVastu and can bring prosperity, luck and good fortune. w Must for each house, office and workplace. w Ideal for new virtual door opening and to attract good fortune. w Can solve many problems due to its innovative design.

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