Soham Vastu

Green Sapphire Stone

Sapphire, contradictory to initial beliefs, is not just available in its blue form. The green sapphire, for instance, is immensely popular and beneficial for any person who wishes to possess it. It is believed that every type of sapphire has its own unique benefits and uses, be it anything related to one’s health, or one’s wealth, or one’s life in general. Sapphires have been worn for several centuries now, and it would be safe to tell that they facilitate improvement and enhancement of not just your health, but also your character, moral principles and virtues. The Green Sapphire hails the Persephone, the Goddess of Spring.

Benefits and Uses

The stone finds its invariable usage for people who are born between April 20th to May 20th. Hence, Tauruses can cherish this stone to the fullest.

Wisdom and knowledge is held to be of paramount importance. The stone allows us to collect knowledge on the basis of memory, observation and understanding. The green sapphire helps upgrade your moral principles and also helps you reform your character.

The stone upgrades ones loyalty and trust. It forms a solid and honest background and helps the vices to exit from the body. The stone, in fact, helps you to build your social skills and interactive skills, and upgrades your values for a better community interaction.

The stone also pacifies the soul. It builds mental peace and blood flow into the brain. The green sapphire is a bonus to meditation and yoga initiatives. The stone enables to have a calm mind and helps you to focus on important things in the society. The stone also empowers your mental reasoning skills and simplifies your outlook to life.

The stone also tried to improve the life. It helps to bring forth a vast ocean of opportunities. It also provides a platform so that you can enjoy as well as progress ahead.

The stone, like most other sapphires, are vibrant source of energy. It shuts off the negativities present in and around us and brings forth far more energetic zones of happiness, content, laughter and joy. It also thus gives us energy to complete enduring tasks. It develops the concepts of patience and kindness and helps us change our personality in a positive way.

Price and Quality

The green sapphire is quite interesting, as far as the price rates are concerned. The green gemstone is the rarest amongst the sapphires and hence is held with high regard. However, it is not the most expensive.

The price obviously various according to the cut, shape, transperancy and polish of the product. Hence prices of it vary by the carat. Prices on an average are about 20$ per carat. But that is just the commonly sold ones. The rare pieces can fetch up to a 1000$ per carat.

Alternative and Availability

The stone is present various lacatioan including India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, eastern Eurppose and goambhir connects.

The stone has no other alternative as such because of the product of nature

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