Soham Vastu

Pink Sapphire Stone

The pink sapphire belongs to the family of sapphires. A variety of Corundum is known as sapphire. The word corundum has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘korund’. Pink sapphire is the best known stone for the emotional and psychic protection. It helps in bringing the wisdom of resilience to a person’s life. This beautiful stone soothes a person’s heart and aligns it with his mind. With the help of its pink rays, it lightens the emotional burdens and pains. Pink sapphire builds a connection with the heart chakra which in turn helps in formulating the feelings of love and compassion within the wearer. Pink sapphire is dedicated to the goddess of childbirth, Ixchel.

Benefits and Uses

Pink sapphire is the birthstone for people born in mid-autumn and it the zodiac stone of Taurus as well. It is not only the symbol of strength and power but also of wise and kindness. Pink sapphire helps in stabilizing the emotions acceptance, love, forgiveness and letting go. The wearer can easily contact with his heart’s true desires. It brings out a person from all the obstructions prevailing in his life and makes his vision clearer than ever before. It makes a person strongly believe in his dreams and chase it with high spirits.

Pink sapphire takes care of all the heart related problems of the wearer as well as the problems relating to diabetes and metabolism. The physical healing energy which the rays emit strengthens the veins and improves its elasticity.

The emotional healing energy of pink sapphire brings about a balance in the wearers various emotions. It brings out a person from depression and makes him more lively and happy towards life. It makes a person very soft and vulnerable. Basically, pink sapphire brings about a positive attitude in the wearers mind which makes his life happier and all the more successful.

The spiritual power of pink sapphire helps sustain the gift of life and brings prosperity. It teaches the chapters of gratitude and appreciation.

Pink sapphire is usually worn as jewelry because of its beautiful appearance. When combined with white metal, it gives the best look. The beautiful gem stone can be embedded in necklaces, dangles and auspicious engagement rings. It has strong astrological benefits.

Price and Quality

The pink sapphire belongs to the family of sapphires, colours ranging from very light pink to dark red. It is appreciated for its appearance and quality and hence used it is majorly diamond jewelries. The pink colour is highly loved by females giving the gem stone a huge demand in the market. The very high demand in the market results in the rise in the price. The price is extensively high and is constantly rising.

Availablity and Substitutes

The pink sapphire is primarily found in the countries such as Sri Lanka, Russia and Australian countries. It is a very rarely found gemstone.

The healing powers and the appearance of the pink sapphire resembles to that of ruby. Hence, ruby can be used as an alternative of pink sapphire.

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