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Purple Sapphire Stone

The holy and noble purple sapphire, in all its divine hues, is a sign of royalty and wisdom. The purple sapphire is the symbol of power and strength. The purple sapphire brings to the wearer some spiritual benefits. This is a gemstone which has the qualities that enhances psychic development and vision. A person can wear purple sapphire throughout his lifetime. This gives a person the power to meditate. The color of purple sapphire ranges from pale amethyst and lavender to tones of dark violet and purple.

Benefits and Uses

The most important benefit of the purple sapphire is that it attracts wealth. Hence, it is kept in houses and cash boxes. It not only increases ones wealth but also helps in manifesting any vision one wishes to realize. The purple sapphire is a stone which makes a person more calm and focused towards life.

The wearer feels relaxed and the stone keeps the negative thoughts at bay. It encourages opening the mind to intuition and beauty. It makes a person feel light and joyful all the time.

The purple sapphire is also known as the professional stone as it induces principles in the wearer’s daily life. It is best for people who are journalists, historians, lawyers and ministers by profession.

The physical healing energy of the purple sapphire calms hyperactive metabolism and aids in the working of glands. It is beneficial in treating excessive bleeding and strengthens the veins and improved their elasticity.

The purple sapphire basically helps those who are emotionally unstable. It fights fear and worries. It helps people make their own space in world.

The purple sapphire is a stone of awakening. It brings prosperity and sustains the gifts of life. This gemstone makes a person more focused as it radiates a certain kind of positive energy. People who easily get the feeling of inferiority complex should definitely wear this stone.

Each tone of the purple sapphire has its own characteristics. The darker hues inspires awe, lavender not only translates the wisdom of self but also makes a person understand his hidden talents. This stone makes a person more intellectual.

Purple sapphire is the birthstone of people born in the month of September and it the zodiac stone of Taurus.

Price and Quality

The quality of the purple sapphire majorly depends upon its cut, size, carat and its place of origin. The metal along which it is worn or used also defines its quality. The price can be very costly. It totally depends upon the treatment involved. The transparent ones cost nearly about fifty dollars and the prices can be as high as two thousand dollars.

Substitutes and Availability

The most beautiful specimens of the purple sapphire are found in Burma, Madagascar, Thailand and Brazil. It is very rarely found in India, hence the cost is very high.

As the properties of the blue sapphire are exactly the same as the pink sapphire, it can easily be used as an alternative of the later.

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