Soham Vastu

White Sapphire Stone

The birthstone for those who have the zodiac sign of Gemini is white sapphire. Safed Pukhraj or white sapphire helps in strengthening Venusand hence in the rashi ratna for Taurus as well as libra. This gemstone has the power to bestow the bearer with art, love, marital bliss and prosperity. People having zodiac signs as virgo, Capricorn and aquarius can also wear white sapphire. 1/10th of your body weight is the ideal weight of the white sapphire you should wear. The gemstone needs to be colorless with high clarity and no chemicals.

Benefits and Effects

The planet Venus is symbolic for luxury, art and love which is what white sapphire represents. Safed pukhraj is most beneficial for people who are working in the field of fashion, art, culture, music or other creative activities. Along with satisfaction this gemstone brings adeptness to the bearer. For people who have a strong positioning of Venus according to astrology can reap the maximum benefits. Such people would have luxurious lives along with grand vehicles etc. this gemstone is beneficial for those who are married as it helps making the relationship more cordial, more understanding, more romance in their life. The spouses ultimately come more closer to each other which leads to a happy, calm and lovable future. Apart from this the stone helps in curing problems related to the urinary system along with increasing virility in men.

Prices and Quality

Treatments, clarity which includes cut and color along with weight decides the price of the sapphire. Unheated natural safed pukhraj would be anywhere between sixteen hundred rupees per carat to twenty thousand rupees per carat. White sapphires in the price range of six thousand rupees to ten thousand rupees are best astrologically. Something to remember is that white sapphire which cost fifteen thousand per carat or more should not be worn as per astrology because they are more of collector level. Most sellers might try to fool you with a heated or treated white sapphire but do ensure to check it before you buy it.


Beware of cheaters who sell synthetic white pukhraj. You should keep in mind that while buying this stone online, lab certificate of its authenticity must be there and it should not be artificial. The dealer should be ready to get the gemstone certified at any lab of your choice. The dealer should also have a clear refund policy and a large presence. Larger organizations try and stay away from unethical practices.

How to Wear

Gold should be the first choice when thinking of wearing a white sapphire. Second best metal for safed pukhraj is silver or platinum. You can wear the gemstone in a ring or a bracelet or a pendent etc. it is worn in the ring finger of the left hand for left handed people and right hand for the right handed people. During the shukla paksh or waxing moon on a Friday morning it should be worn after purifying it in milk, honey and pure water.

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