Soham Vastu

Protection Pyramids

Protect your house, shop or office from the evil energies, also safe-guard your car with the power of pyramids.

Protect 9×9 – Outside(for outsitde door protection) (For Door protection)

Code: #7015







Protect 9×9 for Inside(protection inside and luch enhancement) (Protection and luck enhancement)

Code: #7016

Ideal for office, home & factory.Accepted worldwide and compatible to both Vastu & Feng Shui.
Protects from evil energy, Sha Chi of any sharp corner of objects, door, staircase or beam. Also protects from ‘Poison arrow’ & enhances good luck to bring fortune. Can be
programmed, with the Pyramid Yantra and the Gold FaMaa chip in the center. Very easy to use, just place between your two hands and make an intense wish for the purpose.

Your wish can be for business, health, children, protection or just as simple as ‘protection from evil power and bring good luck from all directions’. And stick on the wall. It can be fixed in multiples of 3 or 9 also.

Protect 9×9 for Car(safe-guard you vehicles) (safe-guard your vehicles)

Code: #7017

lg_protect9x9forcarIt is essential to make vehicle in harmony with you by fixing ‘Protect 9×9 Car’ on your car or scooter for protection, safety & efficiency.
Protect 9×9 Car creates positive energy, which makes your neurobody control better and this helps you to take clear decisions in crucial moments & balance your mind.

Unique features:

  • Four directionally interacting copper triangles on the top.
  • Pre-programmed 8 copper & 1 gold pyramid chips.
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