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Vastu remedies without demolition

Vastu Shastra is an ancient scientific art form of combining architecture, spirituality and nature that is beneficial for our soul. The entire concept of vaastu is based on creating a very strong positive field and a weak negative field so that the complete neutralisation of the negative field takes place inside the building.

Every cardinal directions according to vastu ha some positive and negative energy and these resides in harmony. The energy needs some medium to flow, like: air or water. If perfect amount of positive energy flows within a building, the flourishment in one’s life is obvious.

When we make a house, we demolish the natural flow of vastu energies by giving a specific entry and exit point. So, for nurturing the souls of inhabitant, vastu should be kept in mind while constructing.

But this does not mean, every building needs some demolition or reconstruction for vastu corrections. Normally, in 75% of the cases, some alternative ways also can be taken. Some vastu imperfections can be corrected by minor changes like: changing of interior, changing furniture placements or even by applying colours.

For example: If you have your kitchen at wrong place according to vastu, you can simply change the place of fire to a positive direction, not by demolishing the whole kitchen.

Many vastu problems can be healed even by using pyramids of copper, crystal or wood or some feng-shui gadgets according to your consultant.

Without applying reconstruction, vastu impairments can be overcome by giving the directional energy a surface to flow, getting the best of directional forces and incorporating new energy devices (e.g.: Wind chime, Fish tank etc.).

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